Mechanical Engineer Job Overview

Mechanical Engineer Job OverviewMechanical engineers will be in great demand till the existence of machines in this world. Mechanical engineering is one such field where many divisions of engineering are involved because such type of job involves designing, developing, testing, maintaining and ensure appropriate functioning of mechanical equipment. The main task of the mechanical engineers is to implement their knowledge of science and physics in a particular mechanical system. In simple an easy language any machine which has moving parts right from space ship to toys of small kids requires a mechanical engineer. With the rapid growth and development in technological sector, more and more technical innovations are arising and with this the demand of mechanical engineers is also increasing. If you are looking forward to make your career in mechanical engineering and want to know more about the job details, then keep on reading the reading as it will enlighten you with all the required details of this sector.

Job Tasks for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineer has to interpret technical drawings, digital reports, blueprints and other related reports of the machinery which is to be manufactured. The role of such an engineer is to make use of computer aided design software so that he can prepare essential concepts and drafts of the products so that the manufacturing process can get started. Besides this he also has to prepare concrete theories both practical and functional and start the testing process. Any problems noticed in the testing period needs to be rectified by him with the help of the manufacturing team.

In order to get rid of the malfunctions in the system he can also recommend some changes in the product. The mechanical engineer also needs to supervise and ensure that the machine is installed as per the satisfaction of customer. The job task also includes supervision of technicians, production workers and other engineers. He also has to schedule the services of the machinery and also ensure that the supply of materials required for the maintenance of the machinery is supplied.
Besides these entire tasks he also needs to train the inexperienced engineers working with him in the project.

Knowledge required for Mechanical Engineering Job

The mechanical engineer should posses’ knowledge of tools and machines which includes uses, design, maintenance and repairs. He should have enough knowledge to interpret blueprints, know-how about the designing tools etc. Besides these he should have the knowledge of mathematics (Calculus, Algebra, statistics, geometry) so that he can use it appropriately while designing or making the applications.


The mechanical engineers are highly paid because of the difficulty involved. Entry level mechanical engineers or those who have less than one year of experience can expect anywhere around 48-60 thousand US Dollars per annum. Those who have one to five years of experience earn around 51-65 thousand US Dollars annually. Those with more than ten years of experience can expect around 64-89 thousand US Dollars a year. This is a lucrative field due to the constant demand of jobs and also because this job is stable in nature.