This biomedical engineering resume will provide you to get your appropriate work space based on your ability and competence. The whole information about your working experience and educational background will help you to persuade the company. Actually, this work was combining not only for biology science but also for medicine and engineering field. The goal of this post was to solve the health problem related to those competences.

Sample Biomedical Engineer Resume

James Peterson
4321, North 98Street,
Carlisle, MA 0987,


Getting full position as biomedical engineer and work in appropriate field to solve the health problem. Develop the biomedical field for society needed.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated expertise in the set-up, purchase, interfacing and testing of data acquisition equipment
  • Gifted biomedical engineer with deep experience in a wide variety of duties associated with analysis and conduct of data from clinical research studies including human.
  • Computer processing of data and data analysis and collection of high quality data during physiologic studies.
  • A contributor to create a procedure, device or piece of diagnostic equipment, which will make a treatment or cure possible


Topical Biomedics, Athens, GA (2004-2009)
Biomedical Engineering Research Associate

  • Performed analysis support and data collection for product development including neuro-critical care applications and brain monitoring and neurological research programs.
  • Interacted with medical research collaborators at universities and hospitals.
  • Implemented and developed new algorithms with the help of IBT scientists.
  • Provided part time support of IT infrastructure, IBT servers and emails.
  • Coordinated with regulatory departments to make sure that all the specifications of project were met with the appropriate standards.
  • Assembled equipments, prototypes and tested samples.
  • Helped in the development of simulations or models of human systems to obtain data.
  • Evaluated equipments for efficiency, safety and effectiveness.
  • Prepared patents, technical reports, proposals and publications for new innovative technologies.
  • Develop the relationship among the whole related department.

Topical Biomedics, Dalton, GA (2000-2004)
Graduate Research Assistant

  • Performed duties on the areas of biomaterials, cell mechanics and molecular biology.
  • Researched on endothelial and neuronal cells related to neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Research in biological relation with medicine correlation.

Education and Professional Certification

Georgia State University, GA
PhD Biomedical Engineering (in view)
Georgia State University, GA
MS Biomedical Engineering (2007)
Georgia State University, GA
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering Technology (2002)
This side was very specific since the technical engineering of biomedical was not a general field. We have to get the specific grade first and mention that trough persuade the company to choose us. The related research in this field will be considered. Improve your ability in research trough this best biomedical engineering resume.