There several common skills that you must have before joining a job as a network engineer. You need to be able to work with other people; work independently and without supervision; and be of high aptitude and keen on detail. Those are the common requirements that you need to be prepared. Besides that, you must have a strong grasp of Computer Science, Math and Science and familiar with system of operations like Unix, Novell and Microsoft. Usually the company will consider some bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, System Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. And another important thing that you need to understand is the job responsibility of a network engineer is to supervise computer networks and to ensure that they function as well as they are supposed to. If you are ready to challenge yourself as an engineer, you can use the below cover letter for the guide to design your own.

Morena Diana,

23 East 60 Streets,

New Jersey, MA77789,

(098)-765 4321.

Date: 25th Oktober, 2010

Mr. Daniel Robinson,

System Development Inc.,

99 West 59 Streets,

New Jersey, MA 56789,

(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I am writing this letter in response to his announcement Sunday News. I learned that you are looking for a network engineer and I think my education background and experiences match your needs.

As my resume shows, I have a degree in Computer Science network with a certificate of Advanced Network Analysis and Advanced TCP / IP and Design Theory. I can have more than six years’ experience in Geneva System Inc. in network design and management. I have strong technical skills with a thorough knowledge of data networking and network protocols.

I am keen to have the opportunity to discuss with you in person as I could become an asset to your organization. Do not hesitate to contact me anytime to arrange an interview. Thanks for your precious time and consideration.
Morena Diana