Understanding A Quality Engineer’s Role in A Corporation

The role of a quality engineer in any company is to deal with the quality control and quality assurance of the product. Therefore, the main task of a quality engineer is to set up a Quality management system and ensure that it is followed by everyone. Most commonly you can find the quality engineers in the manufacturing plants because he needs to deal with day to day issues related to the quality of the product. The consultation of quality engineer is absolutely necessary when there is change in the process of manufacturing or changes in the product.

The quality engineer needs to perform various roles and have to take up responsibilities to finish a certain project within deadline, without compromising in the quality. The job roles of Quality Engineers in any organization are outlined below:

  1. Data Collection: With the help of Statistical Process control for example run charts, the quality engineer needs to monitor the process metrics. He also establishes the control limits on the run chart and the line operators would comment on it in order to stabilize the process and avoid any rejects.
  2. Work with other department: The quality engineers’ needs to work with other departments as well, in order to ensure that the end users get quality products. Therefore, the quality engineer needs to work with the design engineers to determine the key characteristic of the products.
  3. Deal with customer issues: The quality engineer has to act as a liaison to the customers in case of complaints from them. Following the complaint from any customers, he has to implement corrective measure in order to solve the complaints of the customers.
  4. Deal with Suppliers Issue:The quality engineer also needs to deal with the complaints raised by the suppliers. He needs to visit there and inspect the defect in the supplied products. After the inspection, he needs to work with the purchase and fellow quality engineers to fix the issues faced by the supplier.
  5. Focus on continuous improvement: Besides solving the problems, the quality engineer also needs to focus on continuous improvement of quality by eradicating the defects. He also needs to implement the methods of Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and others to ensure continuous improvement in the quality. He should also focus on quality check, quality control and quality plans in order to ensure improvement in the quality.

Understanding A Quality Engineer’s Role in A CorporationSo, if you are planning to make your career as a quality engineer, then you need to understand the role and duties of the quality engineer. The average salary that a quality engineer earns in the beginning of his career is around 60,000-80,000 US Dollars. As customers are always looking for quality products, today many companies have quality control department. The need and demand of quality engineers is significant and is one of the lucrative careers you can oft for. So prepare a professional looking CV and start applying to get an elusive interview call from the prospective employers.