Read the story about how a 14 year old boy who walked into a lingerie store with his mom changed his life… and more.

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A 14 year old boy who got diagnosed with Alopecia travelled to Turkey with his mother to meet a professor to potentially cure the disease. Sadly no cure was found, but the young boy found something much greater than a cure to his disease… he found a purpose.

The first time Alper Hafif layed eyes on Victoria’s Secret was in Turkey. An amazing feeling went through him when he walked into the store and then it hit him, why doesn’t a store like this exist for men? This was the beginning of an amazing journey which almost 9 years later led to Vin’s Answer – The male underwear equivalent.

The name is Everything: Alper had made a list of over 50 different names when he was in college, Vin’s Answer not being one of them. One night when he was reflecting over what the Secret stood for he caught his parents having an argument. He listened to it and realized that his father didn’t get what his mom was trying to say, and he was making points that had nothing to do with what she was trying to tell him.

Looking for names that are “manly”, Alper found the name Vincent, which means the conqueror. It sounded good, but merging it together with Answer didn’t make a good name: Vincent’s Answer.
One night when he was watching an action movie with Vin Diesel in the leading role Alper got curious and looked up what Vin’s name really was, Vincent. He immediately tried Vin’s Answer. It had a nice tone, was easy to remember and was exactly what he wanted. He wrote it on a piece of paper and asked his mother who doesn’t speak english to say what was written, she pronounced it good enough! The name was perfect!

A few days later his friend had a similar argument with her boyfriend, at that moment it hit him! Women are a secret to men, the statement “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” was true. Still, all men are trying to make a point and give an answer every time. Answer it was! Now he just needed a name to complete the idea.

To sell the vision wasn’t the hard part, the hard part was to find a product that could reflect the vision. Alper Hafif got that product ready in 2017. He sold a total of 700 pairs of underwear before the production had started through Kickstarter.
A few months later the model and sales representative Martin Waesterberg and the marketers Jacob Olausson and Bejamin Egbudiwe joined the VA team and is now on board to make a change!


Vin’s Answer is now up and running with some of the most experienced marketers and salesmen who work day and night to get the brand in a store near you! We are constantly on the look for new retailers and models, so if you feel like you or your store is the perfect fit for our brand do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

“I don’t follow trends, I’d rather be the one setting them.”

Our goal is not only to build a brand, but to build a brand that makes a difference. How great wouldn’t it be to build factories around poor regions to boost the individual income and overall economy of that region? That’s one of our long term goals!


Yes, our product is made by the fantastic MicroModal fabric that will make you feel cool all day because of how well it breathes, and yes it is 3 times softer than cotton. All of this is amazing, and we have done an extremely good job compared to our competitors, but there is more to it than a fantastic product, which again, it is. We believe that Vin’s Answer is a feeling, a feeling of masculinity and confidence. The Answer is not just a product but a metaphor for an individual who is born to Set The Trend and inspire others.

Vin’s Answer at its core value is that we believe that people with passion should inspire others. We don’t want to change the world, we want to inspire the people in it to do it. And with the right passionate people we’ve seen that we can do just that, inspire others! So when you ask; who we are and what our core values are The Answer is simple; Passion, inspiration and confidence. Qualities that are needed to be a Trend Setter.


We put an insane amount of time into the details of our products, and we believe that it’s paying off. With every thinkable measure and stitch we truly believe we have a reflective product for our Trend Setters. While you spend your days working your a** off, we work to make that as comfortable as possible for you! Our goal with the product is for you to be able to get home at night and still have your junk as cool and comfortable as when you left in the morning, and we truly believe that we have done just that! Give us a try and see for yourself.

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